6 comments on “SAINTS BEATEN BY (0 – 6) RAMS!

  1. When the Saints have a bad day they really have a bad day. I have the faith along with the backing of the entire “Who Dat Nation” that we will not have anymore games like this one.

  2. I still got WHODAT fever!!! I think it was all a sham and was fixed……just like that ol Kardashian wedding. We will see them get right back on and beat the Bucs this sunday. Keep the faith!

  3. If you remember last year they did the same thing….lost to the easier teams. They are going to be alright, especially since they will be in the Superdome Sunday. WHO DAT!!!!!

  4. yeah it was like the saints had money on that game and did not bet on winning! we do seem to have more trouble with the “easier” teams or teams with a bad record and play awesome against the good teams. I think they will come back on sunday and beat the bucs with some pay back in da dome! hopefully there is good news for my next post. cant wait! WHO DAT!!!!

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